Modernising Government

Reimagining how Queensland Government interacts with customers online.

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Leading experience design, strategy & delivery for an all new, personalised Queensland Government.

Queensland Government delivers 1000’s of vital services to over 4.9 million Queenslanders through both physical & digital channels.

The goal of the QGov Account platform was to provide a dashboard style interface that would anticipate citizen needs and provide an almost frictionless, concierge-style experience.

The Vision

To develop a citizen’s dashboard experience that was personalised based on selectively shared data from the citizen, and was able to turn otherwise lengthy form-based transactions into simple one-click actions.

A service design challenge in every tile

Since our ambitious goal was to seamlessly connect QLD citizens to State Government through one all-access portal, we realised early on that every different interaction would need to travel through it’s own service design process.

A self contained experience where a customer applies for a concession card online, or finds events at the QLD state library was able to be executed in a dashboard ’tile’.

We also identified there were several multi-stage processes where someone might need to have multiple online & offline interactions with government throughout the process, for example learning to drive licence and earning your licence. Each one of these was called a “Micro Journey”, and needed an even deeper dive into both online & offline interactions to support the end goal.

Applying for a Seniors Concession card

A great example of one of these self contained experiences was the application process for a Senior citizen to get a Seniors Concession card. The dashboard tile faciliated the following steps:

  • Discovery
    Showing citizens who were of the correct age that this benefit might be available.
  • Determine eligibility
    A few quick questions to gauge eligibility and determine if you should proceed through the application process.
  • Track Application
    Once the application was submitted, the tile would change to a tracking state which would give you updates on how your application was progressing.

Micro-Journey — Learning to Drive in QLD

One of the first Micro Journey’s we mapped out was the process of a young teen obtaining their licence, from learners permit, to full fledged drive. Learning to drive has multiple touch points with State Government departments, and requires both online & physical interactions.

Creating a culture of customer-led product development

To keep our customer front of mind, and help the wider development team to empathise with who we were building for we ran fortnightly customer testing sessions, augmented by customer co-design workshops & quantitative analytics.

Evangelising Customer Testing

Customer Discovery Workshops

Socialising the design process & getting buy-in

A whole new way for citizens to interact with QLD Government

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