Fedelta Store: Mobile ordering app

A delicious new whitelabel ordering platform.

Fedelta are a world class provider of Point of Sale software for restaurants, bars & retail businesses.

To push the envelope even further, they wanted to offer their adoring clients a white label app, to allow customers to order directly from the store, instead of growing competitors Uber Eats, Foodora & MenuLog.


Defining the product, exploring competitor apps & establishing a roadmap

Wireframes & Flows

Mapping out how users would navigate through the app & make orders


Prototyping the full app, to help us validate new interaction patterns

Test & Learn

Using prototypes to learn how customers use the app & where to iterate

User Flow Exploration

Mobile ordering apps have well-established user flows. However, this new app had several innovative features unique to the POS ecosystem that we had to work in seamlessly.

We explored the various paths & routes that users could take through the application, to get a thorough grasp of how all the features could fit together cohesively.

Wireframing bespoke ordering workflows

Every store has different needs.

As FedeltaStore app was to be deployed as a white label solution for many different types of restaurants & take away stores, we had to thoroughly explore multiple different approaches to display & order products, find stores, present deals, manage payments, & pick up time selections.

The most complex part of the application we worked through was a bespoke workflow for customers to be able to order a set deal, but select different options within certain constraints (Eg. 2 burgers for $20, with configurable burger types, buns, extras & drinks).

Clean & crisp UI to let the product speak for itself.

Designing one app for many different styles of restaurant & cuisine is tricky.

Every restaurant that adopts FedeltaStore will have their own brand, colour palette, typography & product offering. We were sensitive to this (knowing this could make or break the product) and designed FedeltaStore to allow product & store photography to be the hero, and focussed on giving everything else a clean & friendly style that could be completely reskinned with dark/light variations.

A mouth-watering new mobile ordering platform