Crafting meaningful & delightful user experiences. digital products. interactions.

Hi, I'm Laura.

A Design Leader Product Designer UX Designer

With over 13 years experience in user experience design & product management.

I work with product teams at the intersection of design sensibilities, business acumen & technical skills to craft digital products that people love to use.

From scrappy startups to corporate giants, I’ve spent the last 12 years designing industry leading digital products across tech, fintech, travel, government, automotive, ecommerce, fitness & real estate.

Design & Product Leadership

Crafting strong, supportive design, research & product cultures

Design Systems

Increasing speed to market by championing design systems

Measurable Design

Validating design decisions with data & cultivating a customer research culture

Business value through design

Leveraging UX to drive business outcomes & competitive advantage

Latest work

Where the magic happens

Check out samples & case studies of my work.

You’ll see how I’ve scoped & validated new products, wrangled the UX of big data, designed bespoke interfaces for a range of devices, and how I’ve tackled different design & UX problems.

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Design Philosophy

The core principles I approach every design challenge with.

Small things matter

No detail is too small to deserve your attention. When you show that you care about the small details, people trust you to care about the big ones.

Only delightful surprises

Every interaction should be what the user expects it to be. Keep surprises limited to pleasant ones, rather than breaking affordances, and ignoring established patterns.

Never stop learning

There's always new interaction patterns, new design tools, new user behaviours surfacing. Stay ahead of the curve with an insatiable curiosity of human behaviour

Do the hard work to make it simple

Diving head first into the most complex problems I can find & making sense of the chaos is what really gets me up in the morning.

Content is King, Context is Queen

Wherever possible, always try to design with content at front of mind, and be sure to keep context at the heart of everything you do.

Design, validate, iterate. Rinse & repeat.

Validate design choices as early & as late as possible in a project. Never stop adapting design to new insights & feedback. Design is never done.

Laura is a passionate designer and a great mentor, with expert knowledge in UX and Product Design. From conducting user interviews to creating wireframes, UX design to user testing. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for high standard UX execution.

Ray Kwong - UX/UI Designer

Laura was a pivotal player in every UX and design decision we made. Capable of managing stakeholders, juggling multiple priorities, conflict resolution, proudly representing (and protecting) the design team, and above all, very very passionate about building great product.

David Perkins - Client Principal, Liquid Interactive

I’ve seen her grow from an exceptional raw talent to a true champion of User Experience at a senior level. Her knack of being able to solve highly complex problems that result in stunning experiences was an unquantifiable asset to every project we attacked together.

Matt Daly - Senior UX Designer, Flight Centre

Laura demonstrates not only mastery for her core role, but also the ability and willingness to coach and mentor juniors along the way - which was why she excelled at her role as User Interface Lead for Flight Centre Travel Group.

Matt Daly - Senior UX Designer, Flight Centre

"Laura has a sought-after blend of creative, technical and interpersonal skills. She was instrumental in maintaining positive relationships and generating loyalty amongst the clients she worked with. Laura is a natural leader, always ready to share her knowledge."

Laura Hughes - Digital Media Producer, Phase New Media

"Laura is triple talented. She's able to consistently produce work which balances the needs of design, technology and business. She has a tenacious appetite for getting things done, yet somehow manages to also remain sharply focused on details."

Ian Jones - Senior Designer, BA Creative

"Having worked in web development for over 10 years I can confidently state that Laura is one of the most talented and productive front end developers I have encountered. She is able to consistently deliver results within the tight budgets and time constraints of small digital agencies.

Andrew McLagan - Senior Developer, BA Creative

"Laura is a creative genius! She is a very talented interaction designer with a natural understanding of user and customer experience. She has been always keen to learn and further her skills, constantly looking for ways to challenge herself. She always boosted the morale of those around her."

Tiffany Apatu - Head of Digital Experience, Flight Centre